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Tips For Scheduling First Weekend Appointments

  • Don’t over-emphasize Cutco on the phone! The purpose of your call is to schedule an appointment. Cutco is incredible but they won’t understand how great it is until they see it!

  • Speak directly to who you want to schedule: Don’t relay messages through friends!

  • Speak with the wife on the phone: Target customer and easier to schedule!

  • Stress the fact that it’s not a question of buying or selling: Many people will tell you: “You can show me, but I’m not going to buy anything.” Respond by saying: “That’s okay. I get paid anyway and I need as many appointments as possible.” (THEY ALWAYS BUY)

  • Always give a choice of two times:

  • Correct: “What time is better for you, ___ or ___?” or “What day is better, ______ or _____?” Incorrect: “When can I show you?” or “Do you want to see my presentation?”

  • Set up a specific time: Tentative appointments generally fall through.

  • Schedule appointments 90 minutes apart: At first, it takes longer because you’re new and you know them well!

  • Not everyone will answer their phone: Use the 4:1 rule— for every 4 phone calls, 1 person will pick up. If you want to schedule 5 appointments, make 20 calls! 10 appointments = 40+ calls....

  • Text if No Answer: “Hi, it’s _______, ______’s (son, daughter, friend)! I have a quick question. Are you available?”

  • Call in waves! Customers are home at different times of the day and night. Split up your phone time throughout the day to reach more customers. (3 waves generally leads to a full schedule).

  • Phoning = Working. Once your appointments are set, you’re done “working”— now it’s time to have fun and do some demos!

  • Urgency: Let your customer know that you are committed to your goal and you have a deadline!

  • Importance: Let your customer know how important your demo is to you. They will see you right away and they won’t reschedule on you last minute!

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Click the picture for a video on how to make calls with your schedule

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