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Ask for recommendations after you enter their order but before you wrap up the appointment!


Three Keys: Ask, Smile, Follow the Script



STEP 1: Ask For Recommendations

  • “Mrs. __________, how did you like my demo?”

  • “Great! Now, Mrs. ____, this is the MOST important part of my job…”

  • “Here’s where you can really help me out.”

  • “I get paid every time I show Cutco, but I can only show it to people I’ve been personally recommended to.”

  • “So, what I need you to do, really quick, is just think of like a Million people who might be nice enough to help me out!  Haha, I’m just kidding… all my clients try to give me 10-20 people. And I am not looking for people who you think would buy, just nice people like you who MIGHT be willing to take a look. (That’s why your friend _______ referred me to you!)”


  • ***Pull out your Referral Excel Sheet***


  • “The reason why people shoot for 10, as you can see on my excel spreadsheet, is because once you get to 10, I can put you down as a sponsor. Once I get 50 sponsors, I get free Cutco that I can keep, give away, or sell to help me pay for college!”


  • “I already have _____ Sponsors, so, I’m only _____ away from 50!  …. And if you get to 20 names/numbers you become a double sponsor.”

  • “I’ll go ahead and write them down for you, you just need to list them out…  so, who do you know that’s super nice?”


  • (Keep saying “cool, who else” until they stop you)


(Download fillable Sponsorship Page HERE)

STEP 1.5: Recommendations in my field of study

Hey Mrs. ____, by the way... I'm really trying to do appointments with people in my field of study... Remember I told you that I'm in school for ______ and when I graduate... I want to get into _______?  Who do you know that does that as a career?  Could you recommend me to them too?

Who else?

Who else?

Who else? (once you stop asking, you'll stop getting)



STEP 2: Text Heads Up / Getting a ‘Yes’


  • How do you know these people? When would be the best time to reach them?

  • What’s their spouse’s name? Do they have kids?

  • It’s a lot easier when people know I’m calling. Can you please text them a “heads up” to let them know?

  • Sample Text: Save in phone → Forward to customer → Have them forward to friends:

    • “Hi! Just wanted to let you know that ______, my Cutco guy/girl, will be giving you a call. He/She is paying his/her way through college by showing Cutco. You don’t have to buy, just listen and he/she gets credit. Thought you would be nice enough to help! He/she is super sweet :-)”




Pro Tip:

  1. Use thought joggers to brainstorm: Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, nice people, etc.

  2. “Mrs. __________, would you be willing to post tag me on Facebook / social media?”’s an easy way for people to find me if they are looking for Cutco

  3. ...and it helps me learn social media & and online marketing skills



  • Ideas for the customer: Address book, cell phone, directory

  • Thought joggers: Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Lookers, not buyers!

  • Who do you know who...? Loves to cook, has a lot of kids, BBQ’s, etc...

  • Have Fun / Make them laugh: “Can you jot down your top 100-200 friends? Just kidding, 10-20 is perfect!”

  • Thank your Customer and ask for more! “Thank you so much _______, you have no idea how much

  • this helps me out! If you can give me ___ more, you’ll become a (sponsor / double sponsor)!

  • Out of town Demos! Don’t forget to ask for out of town recommendations!





I’ll Email Them to You Later

That would be awesome (Name) ! I appreciate you wanting to help me. However, I know you're REALLY BUSY & I’d hate to have to call you while you’re with family or at work. And, without referrals, I can’t do any more demos. BTW as a reminder, they don’t have to buy ANYTHING. So, if we could start with 1-2 off the top of your head now, and then send me the rest later it would really help me out. So, who are 1-2 people that you think are nice?

Don’t Know That Many People

It’s totally fine, especially since I get paid just to show it to them, even a few REALLY helps! So, let’s just start with a couple and we can come up with more later! So how about your... (thought joggers)


Don’t Like to Give Out People’s Names

I don’t blame you! If it were somebody else giving them a call besides me, I would be hesitant too. But I promise it will just be me so... ASK AGAIN.



I'll text them to you/ I’ll email them to you later

(Although most customers mean well, it is extremely unlikely that they will send you referrals later)

Sure no problem, however since I know you’re so busy, I’d hate to ask you to work on this while you’re running your house, at work, or taking care of your kids. Can we come up with 1-2 right now and we can get the rest later? How about your ... (Offer thought jogger)



Let Me Call Them First and Get Back to You

Of course! I wouldn’t want to see them if they aren’t interested. To make it easier, go ahead and jot down their names and numbers and I will follow up with you tomorrow and you can let me know who it’s okay to call and who to cross off the list. OR Perfect! Could we call a couple of them now and see what they say before I leave?



Last Resort...

Ask Again and Smile!


Where to keep recommendations


-Create a google spreadsheet


-Color code your leads: 

  • Green (scheduled)

  • Yellow (Called, no answer)

  • Red (Not interested/declined)

**You can call recommendations multiple times (10+) until they pick up** 

**After 10x no answers, send referral text: (in phone script tab)**


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