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1. Demo start!
2. Demo Pre-Frame/Video
3. Homemaker Pieces Slides
4. Summary
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  1. Book all appointments through the Queue app

  2. Send Reminder text the morning of:

    • "Hey! I'm excited about our _(time)_am/pm scholarship appointment! Please make sure you're in front of your computer! Thanks for helping me!!!"

  3. Call them and walk them through getting on Zoom or Google meet!

  4. Send invite link or Send the website link through Zoom, email, or text.

  5. Client goes to (

  • Always ask your customers to be in their home on a computer for the demo (not from Starbucks, work, etc.).

  • See QUALIFIED CLIENTS: Married, Middle aged, Middle income, homeowners make the BEST clients!

  • Best to see husbands and wives together, no husbands alone!  NO single guy appointments.

  • If customer asks for prices in the middle of your demo, say: “I don't want to give away the best part! I’ll go over prices at the end!” :-)

  • Follow this manual word for word.

  • Follow the cues for when to click

      • Stay in control of your Demo. Confirm every 1-2 slides that they are on the same page as you are.

      • “What slide are you on now?” or “Do you see the...?”

      • Make sure they're sitting in front of a screen (so they can follow along your presentation)

      • Have them on Zoom/GoogleMeet Meeting (so you can talk to both spouses)




    • Still Do FULL Presentation: It’s great practice! Many customers forget the important details!

    • “As a reminder... we’ve been around since 1949, Cutco is dishwasher safe, Forever guarantee, review knives they don’t have.

    • Ask for a customer testimonial picture & Social Media shout - out!

    • Cutco owners love upgrading to sets, adding accessories, and buying gifts! Everybody eventually gets an Ultimate set. 

Step 1. Connect with the client (First 5-10 minutes)

Call them and walk them through getting on Zoom! Send invite link (your Zoom PMID)

Before we get started, go ahead and pull up

Client's screen: "Hey! You should see a BIG Cutco set. Do you see it?"

(Get to know them or catch up / Ask 5+ of questions before getting started!)

-"What do you do for work? Tell me about that!"

-"Do you have any kids? How old? College? That's awesome!"

-"What'd you want to do when you were my age?"

-"I want to be a ______ when I graduate. Any tips?"

-"What does your spouse do?" 

"Thank you so much for taking the time to see my presentation—it really means a lot..."

"Let me tell you a little bit more about me..." (School / Major, Hobbies, Family, Dream Job)

___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 

Okay ______, go ahead and scroll down a little bit on the page until you see the white and blue slides that say "Thank you for helping me reach my goals!" and "What Is Cutco?"... Do you see those? Okay we're off to a good start! :-)

Hey, Mrs. _________, do you mind if I share some of my goals with you?

Well... the #1 reason why I picked up this job is _____________.  And I know you're super busy, and have a ton going on, so I really appreciate you seeing my demo, it REALLY helps me out! 

I’m working with Cutco because... (Skills / Experience / Resume / Future) _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

Also, I just started my Fast Start Contest where I can win a TON of free Cutco. I have 10 days to sell... (share your goal!) _______________

Through my Cutco sales, I can earn a President’s Club letter, it's a hand signed letter of recommendation from the company CEO! That will look AMAZING on my resume.

(FT students): I also have a chance to win an All-American Scholarship to help with school... (Optional: Explain program)

Mrs. _________, since I just started, I’m going to be reading from my manual. Is that okay?

Step 2. Demo Pre-Frame and Video

Like I said on the phone, you don’t have to get anything... BUT.... :-) when you DO see something you like, you can DEFINITELY get it today. Not only would you be getting a great product, you would be helping me out toward my goals!

Also, I'm ONLY able to work through referrals, so my BIGGEST goal today is that you like me AND Cutco enough to recommend me to some of your friends!

Mrs. _____, CUTCO IS AWESOME! You can buy sets, pieces and we have tons of accessories and gifts.

We also have interest-free monthly investment options so you don’t have to pay for it all at once.

Just so I know, do you cook because you have to, like to, or love to? Great! You’re going to LOVE Cutco!

So, the first part of my presentation is a short video that shows the quality of Cutco. After that, I’ll show you the pieces in our basic set.


A few things to know:

1) These are all real customers. Some of them have had CUTCO for decades. (Name Drop)

2) Notice the Forever Guarantee. This is what makes us a top-selling brand in North America.

Quick reminder to double check that your volume is turned up so you can hear everything okay...

3) MOST people have the worlds most EXPENSIVE set of Cutlery... We call them junk knives. They're unsafe, unsanitary, and unenjoyable! And they're expensive because of how often you have to replace them. That wastes a TON of money. You'll see some of them in the video!


  • 2:05 - Isn't that guarantee amazing?

  • 4:10 - Ever seen a drawer like that before? :-)

TIPS: If customers internet is shaky, they can turn off HD if needed to help it load faster. Press play on the video to the left at the same time your customer presses play and mute your sound on the video so you see what they're seeing; you'll still be able to hear their sound (quietly) over the phone.


Okay, I'm going to start by showing you the pieces in our most popular set which is called the Homemaker... Go ahead and scroll down a little bit past the video and you'll see the 2 different color Homemaker Sets, some tomatoes and then a slideshow called "Homemaker Set Pieces". What I'd like you to do is hit the full-screen button on the slideshow (next to the gear wheel at the bottom)...


(Double check that customer can still see you if you're on Zoom/Facetime.)

Go ahead and hit the spacebar and it will pull up the first slide which shows the Homemaker+8 set- Do you see that? (okay great)

Step 3. Names of Homemaker Pieces and uses

Mrs. _____, you can buy individual pieces, but most customers agree that over a lifetime, sets are a much better value.

It’s important to have the right tool for the right situation because of safety and efficiency.

We have two larger set options for customers who love to cook, called the Ultimate and Signature.

But, I’m going to start with the pieces in our BASIC SET, which is the most popular. It’s called the HOMEMAKER+8. It has the minimum number of tools to do 100% of the jobs in your kitchen as efficiently as possible.

It’s the best value for the average family and it starts with your... (click next slide- Go ahead and hit the spacebar to see the Paring Knife page- can you see that?)

Paring Knife (2 3/4”)...

Cutco’s “Air Knife” - has a long handle, makes peeling and paring comfortable. Go ahead and click on the PLAY button on that video on the right (11 seconds)

You’ll use this for small jobs in the air like apples, strawberries and bananas, but rarely on the cutting board, that’s why you have your... (click next slide) (Tip – you'll see pictures showing some additional uses for each knife on slides – it's great to point them out!)



This is your “Small Utility Knife” for small fruits and veggies. Go ahead and click to play the video and you'll see how smooth this is. You’ll never smash a tomato ever again! It's also great for cucumbers, oranges, lemons, and limes and awesome for slicing raw chicken into strips. Which color do you like better, the black, white, or red handles?

Everyone loves the versatility of the Trimmer, but it’s never used for spreading or serving, that’s why you have your... (click next slide)


Spatula Spreader- Press play and let's watch this video...

The wide, flexible DD edge on this piece allows you to cut, spread, and serve sandwiches, bagels, lasagna, and cake! It's perfect for getting peanut butter and jelly out of a jar with super smooth spreading or getting brownies out of the pan... But you’ll never use it on meat or large vegetables, that’s why you have your... (click next slide)


Petite Carver (6 3/4”) Go ahead and play the video...

This “Large Utility Knife” is your everyday meat knife for chicken and small roasts. It’s also for large summer fruits and tough vegetables. Wait till you see this one glide through a pineapple!


The Turning Fork has three sharp tines make it easy to turn meats and veggies and get things out of jars. None of the pieces so far are used for larger foods, that’s why you have your... (click next slide)


Butcher Knife- Play the top video first,

then the bottom video

This “Heavy Duty” knife disjoints large meats and is also great for melons and squash and separating frozen foods like hot dogs and hamburgers. It protects your other knives because it's the only piece in the basic set strong enough for those jobs... But it’s not a chopping knife, that’s why you have your... (click next slide)


Petite Chef (7 5/8”) Go ahead and Play the video

The high knuckle clearance makes it comfortable & safer for dicing, mincing, and chopping. This “Delicate Chopper” is great for the 6 S’s—soup, salad, stir fry, stew, stuffing, & salsa! Chef knives are for chopping, not slicing; that’s why you have your...(click next slide)


Slicer (9 3/4”) Let's play the video...

It’s the best bread knife in the world, and the long DD edge makes it great for cutting cakes, shredding lettuce, and slicing boneless meats. But it’s not for anything with a bone; that’s why we have your... (click next slide)


Master Carving Set- Let's Play the short video...

It’s like your “Spare Tire”. You won’t use it every day, but you’ll be glad you have it!

Do you ever BBQ or host family dinners? You’ll need it for BBQ, big roasts, and family occasions. Having both forks in the set is important; the turning fork picks food up while the carving fork holds meats down and is wide enough to go around the bones.


Can you see how over a lifetime you’re going to use every tool in your basic set? (click next slide)





To complete your set, your Table Knives are used for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The wide blade and rounded tip makes it safer and great for spreading, but with the Double-D® edge, it cuts like a steak knife!

We recommend two Table Knives per family member so you don’t have to wash them after every meal.

Let’s see how our Table Knives work on some tough leather... (Play Leather Video- then click next slide)



For customers who like the feel of a larger "steakhouse style" STEAK KNIFE, our two larger sets- The Signature Set and Ultimate Set- they both come with the option for steak knives instead of table knives. These have been unavailable for the last few months during the pandemic but they announced recently that they are available again. The company actually had thousands of customers that had orders pending waiting for this announcement, so there is a lot of excitement that they're back.

(The Steak Knife is the same length of the trimmer but with a wider blade and rounded tip)

The Signature comes with 10 table knives or 10 steak knives and the Ultimate comes with 12, so these sets are perfect for the holidays or when you have company over the house, or if you just don't want to run the dishwasher constantly you'll have some extra table knives or steak knives. (click Next slide)




Mrs. ______, it would be dangerous to have really sharp knives floating in a drawer. Our sets come with a solid oak WOODBLOCK, which looks great on the counter. We also have STORAGE TRAYS for the drawer or on a wall.

Our sets come with a free cutting board. It’s important to use a soft plastic cutting board. Glass, granite, and marble cutting boards are too hard and will dull your knives. (click next slide)





To complement your Homemaker Set, we also have incredible KITCHEN TOOLS & GADGETS.

The 5-piece Kitchen Tool Set matches the rest of your set and comes in a wood block for easy storage.


Our 4-piece Entertainer Pack has comfort-grip handles and is, of course, forever guaranteed. (click next slide)

It comes with our 4 most popular gadgets all in one pack.

We're going to play these short videos one at a time starting with the...


Peeler- it peels in both directions! (Play video)


Ice Cream Scoop- it goes right through rock hard ice cream and is also great for getting the seeds out of melon (Play video)


Pizza Cutter- The blade comes out for easy cleaning (Play video)


Cheese Knife- Has holes so the cheese doesn't stick to it- it's also great for potatoes, apples, and pepperoni. This thing is awesome! (Play video)

Step 4. In summary...

Mrs. _______, let me review why SO many people choose to invest in Cutco:

  • You’ll always have sharp American made knives that are comfortable, safe, and sanitary.

  • Cutco is guaranteed to last forever so it would be the last set of knives you’d ever buy.

  • And Cutco saves a lot of money! Most customers who buy Cutco eat out less...

  • If that saves $60 a month, it’s $720 saved this year——Over 25 years you’ll save $18,000!


  • There are several reasons why so many customers choose sets:

  • Cutco sets have the right tool for the right job.

  • Cutco sets have a built-in discount so it’s CHEAPER.

  • Sets come with a FREE cutting board and other FREE STUFF.

  • Sets are much SAFER because they come in a block or tray.

  • And we have interest-free monthly investment options so you don’t have to pay for it all at once!


Okay (name), now we're going to exit the full screen- you can just hit the escape button and It should bring you back to the original page. Go ahead and scroll down to the next slide show called Set Options and go full screen on that one...

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 10.54.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 1.20.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.32.39 AM.png
5. Closing on Homemaker+6
  • Let's go to the first slide where you'll see a Wusthof and Shun brand comparison...





  • When it comes to high-quality cutlery, it’s like anything else. There’s a wide variety of quality and prices. Cutco is top rated so we only compare to the highest quality brands...

  • I have a price comparison for our top competitors, Wusthof and Shun. Have you heard of them before?

  • These high-quality sets made overseas are two of the top selling brands in stores.

  • Each brand has different types of sets, which range in price. Wusthof is the most popular.

  • The price for this Wusthof set is $3435 (three thousand, four hundred and thirty-five dollars). Sometimes, you can find it on sale for $2000. There are some major differences between these brands and Cutco:

  • Wusthof has mostly straight edges so they need to be sharpened, which is a hassle.

  • They are not recommended for the dishwasher and the warranty is on manufacturing defects only.

  • In comparison, Cutco has our unique wedge-lock handle, exclusive Double-D® “stay-sharp” edge, and we have our 4-part Forever Guarantee including our Free Sharpening.

  • Cutco owners will tell you that it’s ten times better than any knives they’ve ever used. Just considering the guarantee and unique features, most people would agree that Cutco is at least twice as good as Wusthof.

  • When something offers twice the quality and value and lasts forever, you would expect it to be at least twice the price. At twice the price you’re talking over $4000 for a set of Cutco... (click next slide) 🔪

Step 5. Closing the sale


As I said earlier, our Homemaker+8 is our most popular set. It’s perfect for families that cook 2-4 times a week.

It has the ten basic tools I explained earlier... 8 Table Knives... the woodblock... and a sharpener for straight edges.

We also have a Homemaker set without Table Knives, some people like to keep their table knives in the drawer.

So, if you were considering a set of Cutco, would you prefer the set with the Table Knives? (Head nod yes)

The great thing is that it doesn’t cost $4000 In fact, it doesn’t even cost as much as Wusthof price of $3435.

The Homemaker+8 Set is only $1,419 (Fourteen-nineteen) paid in full, which includes shipping. But most of our customers take advantage of our 5-month, interest-free easy pay option which is only $286 (two-eighty-six) today plus tax.

  • (Have them WRITE DOWN investment pay options on paper)

  • (Homemaker+8 $1,419 in full or $286 per month for 5 months)

  • (Homemaker without table knives: $1,122 in full or $226 per month for 5 months)

There's a BUY NOW BONUS: We have a bonus where, if you buy now (today), I can give you the entire Kitchen Tool Set, the Entertainer Pack with those 4 popular gadgets, or a pair of Super Shears for FREE!

Mrs./ Mr.__________, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you... Would you like to try out the Homemaker Set today and get your FREE gifts? (Be completely quiet and wait for answer... smile)

  • If Yes: Congratulations! You’re going to LOVE your Cutco.  (Go to to order)

  • While I write that up, let’s look at accessories. (Click here to go to Gifts and Accessories)

By the way, do you guys ever entertain or host family occasions? (If yes- Okay- I'm going to show you our two larger sets too just so you see the other options) (next 2 slides) IF INTERESTED, CALL THE OFFICE (757-797-5706)!

  • If No: No problem! :-) If you don’t mind me asking, what is it about the Homemaker you’re unsure of? ...

  • (Handle the objection below, and call the office)

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 1.20.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 1.44.47 PM.png
  • Can I buy pieces?:
    Of course! However, our sets are discounted, they’re safer, and you get free stuff. If you don’t mind, I’ll show you our sets and if none of them appeal to you, we can pick whatever pieces you want!
  • I definitely want to buy later:
    Give a better deal (call office) or drop down to smaller set. “Mrs. Jones, you don’t have to buy anything today. Do you mind if I go through the rest of the demo just so I can practice?”
  • Need to talk to Spouse (husband):
    I completely understand. That’s why most customers use the 15-day trial to make sure he can really see the value. If he doesn’t love it, send it back and get a full refund. On the 5- month plan, you both can try it out for only $286 today. How does that sound?
  • I Need to Think About it:
    I completely understand. $1,419 is a lot of money to be impulsive. That’s why most customers take advantage of the 15-day trial. If you don’t love it after a few weeks, you can send it back and get a full refund. On the 5-month plan, you can try it out for only $286 today. How does that sound?
  • Too Much Money/Can’t Afford it:
    I completely understand... $1,414 is a lot all at once. That’s why most of our customers split it up over 5 months, interest free. It would only be $286 per month. How does that sound?
  • Too Many Pieces:
    I completely understand. At first, 10 pieces seems like a lot. After 15 days, if there is a piece or a few pieces you’re still unsure of, you can return and get refunded for those pieces. How does that sound?

(If they still say No after handling the objection:)

***  BUT if they really like the Homemaker+8 and are close to buying "Hey, Mrs. Smith, I need to check in with my manager anyway... let me call them really quick and I can see if I can get you a better deal on the set you like!"  ***


"No problem! :-) Let’s skip to the next set, which is our Galley + 6. It’s one of our most popular options..." (have customer go past the next 2 slides to get to the Galley+6 Set) 


Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.32.52 AM.png
6. Dropping down to Galley+6

Step 6a. "Next is our GALLEY SET..."


It’s a perfect starter set and it’ll take care of all your needs... (Explain pieces in set)

As you can see... it has the Paring Knife for the air, Trimmer for small stuff, Spatula for sandwiches, a meat knife, a serving piece, a veggie chopper, and a bread knife. And it still comes with 6 Table Knives.

It’s a few less knives for a lot less money! Instead of paying $1,419 for the Homemaker Set...

The Galley+6 Set is only $1,024 (ten-twenty-four) or $208 per month for 5 months (interest free) (That's only $52 per week out of the budget!)


The basic Galley is only $790 or $161 per month for 5 months (interest free) (Only $41 per week!) (Have customer write down prices notebook, or you write them on zoom white board so they can see them)

BUY NOW BONUS: If you get this set today, I can still include the Kitchen Tools, Entertainer Pack, or Super Shears for free!!

(Ask for the Order): Is that something you’d like to get today?


If Yes: Congratulations! You’re going to love your Cutco! While I write that up let’s look at accessories. (Click here)


If Unsure: If it makes a difference, we can do something else for free instead! (free items may be substituted for items of equal or lower value)

(If customer is on the edge, call office for a deal 757-797-5706)

If still No: No problem. We also have starter sets... (click next slide)

***(Can I buy pieces?): Of course! However, our sets are discounted, they’re safer, and you get free stuff. If you don’t mind, I’ll show you our sets and if none of them appeal to you, we can pick out whatever pieces you want!


Step 1: These next two slides show the starter sets...

Great for building up over time and gifts for family and friends

(Explain Each Set:)

  • Essentials + 5: This one comes with just the very basics- Paring Knife, Spatula Spreader, Turning Fork, Petite Carver, & Chef Knife

  • Studio + 4: This is our smallest block set, but still comes with 4 great pieces- Paring Knife, Trimmer, Petite Carver, & Spatula Spreader (next slide)

  • Space Saver: This set comes with 5 pieces- Chef Knife, Petite Carver, Trimmer, and two different size Paring knives, and it comes in a unique block that can lean on the counter or be hung on the wall.

  • All Knife+Kitchenette Trays: These tray sets are great for people who want to keep their knives stored in a drawer. The All Knife comes with the Paring Knife, Trimmer, Chef Knife, Carving Knife, and Spatula Spreader. The Kitchenette comes with the bread knife, Turning Fork, Petite Carver, Paring Knife, and Trimmer.

  • Gourmet Set: This set has 5 of our specialty knives like a Cleaver, Santoku knife, and a Hardy Slicer and it also comes with a wide blade Vegetable Knife and a Boning Knife... This set is also great for customers who want to upgrade their current Cutco Set and put this block right next to their current block.

Step 2: Out of these starter sets, which combination do you like the best?

Present price of favorite starter set only...

Step 3: That set is only ____ per month for 5 months (which includes tax) or ____ in full.

(Have customer write down prices for the set they like)

Step 4: (BUY NOW BONUS & Ask for the Order...)

If you get this set today, you can still get the Super Shears for free!

Is that something you’d be interested in getting today?

(May substitute Shears for item of equal value.)

(You can always call manager for help or a deal.)

If yes: Congratulations! You’re going to love Cutco!

While I write that up, let’s look at accessories. (Click here)

If no / unsure: No problem, you can customize your own set.

And even with a custom set you can break it up over a few months.

Let me show you how it works... (next slide)

***Easy-Pay Options 2-Months: $70 minimum order, 3-Months: $200 minimum order, 5-Months: $400 minimum order***

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.55.02 AM.png


Mrs. _________, you can customize your own set and I can still get you something for free...



  • Special #1: Let’s make a list of your 5 favorite pieces you see yourself using the most!

(Ask customer to write down their 5 favorite pieces on their “wish list” & you go to open Cutco Orders and add their favorite 5 pieces to the cart)


“GREAT, can you give me one minute to work on those prices?”

(Silently: Add up the individual prices of 5 knives they picked and divide the total by 5 months if it's over $400 (or divide by 3 months if it's over $200) and then write down the in-full & monthly payment in your notebook).

"Okay I'm ready with the price for you... You can jot this down, the total for your customized set is ______ which breaks down to _____ per month on a 5-payment plan."

"Now if you get these 5 knives TODAY, I can give you a pair of Super Shears or 4 Table Knives for FREE! Which free option would you prefer? Great, would you like to go ahead and get this custom set today?"

If Yes: “Great you will love your Cutco! Let's take a look at the accessories just so you know what else is available to add either for now or in the future- Go ahead and open the 3rd slideshow" (and Rep can (Click here) to jump to Gifts & Accessories)


If no: “No problem!” (Go to Special #2- next slide)




  • Special #2: This special is really popular which is your Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

"Out of those 5, which ONE knife could you live without?” (Cross off that knife in your notebook & ask customer to cross it off on their list too)

"OK... give me one minute to calculate that new price..."

(Silently: Add up the price of the 3 highest priced knives on the list, and the lowest priced is knife will be FREE. Then divide total by (5 if total is over $400, 3 if over $200. 2 if over $70) and write it down in your notebook).

"Ok, Mrs._____... For the (individually name the 4 knives) that’s only ______ in full or _______ for ____ payments. Does that sound better for you?"

If yes: "Great, you'll love those pieces!" Let's take a look at the accessories just so you know what else is available to add either for now or in the future- Go ahead and open the 3rd slideshow" (and Rep can (Click here) to jump to Gifts & Accessories)


If no: "No problem, Mrs. _____, which are your two favorites? Ok give me 1 minute so I can show you our last special...”

(Silently: Add up the price of the 2 favorites, calculate the monthly payment, write down in notebook)




  • Ok Mrs. ____ Special #3 is the Free Gadget Special

For those (2 knives), it's only ______ in full or _____/mo for ___ payments & I can give you the Scoop, Veggie Peeler or Large Cutting Board for Free! How does that sound?

If yes: “Great you will love your Cutco!” Let's take a look at the accessories just so you know what else is available to add either for now or in the future- Go ahead and open the 3rd slideshow" (and Rep can (Click here) to jump to Gifts & Accessories)


If no: Go to Reserve Your Buy Now Bonus




Step 7. RESERVE YOUR BUY NOW BONUS— Easy way to GET ONE PIECE sold every time and get future sales!

Mrs. _____, as long as you get at least something today my office will allow me to throw in free stuff when you upgrade later. It’s called reserving the Buy-Now Bonus.

And of course, you’d still be helping me toward my goals.

Let’s see how much your favorite piece would be... which is your #1 favorite piece of Cutco?

(Get price - break it into 2 payments & then also divide by 30 days)

Ex: Trimmer = $76 (with tax & admin fee) is roughly $42 per month or a little more than $1 per day, which is less than a cup of McDonalds coffee

That is only $____ which is only ______ per month on a 2-pay plan which breaks down to only ______/day.


You can try it out for 2 weeks & if you like it, keep it and if not just return for a full refund, but I'm sure you'll love it.

Would you like to get that piece today?

*You can put any order over $70 retail price on a 2-pay. (Recommend a DD edge to start with.)

If Yes: Awesome! You'll love that piece. I want to show you the accessories just so you know what else is available to add in the future- I'd hate for you to find out later that I didn't show you everything that was available and I missed something you would have loved. Go ahead and open the 3rd slideshow" (and Rep can (Click here) to jump to Gifts & Accessories)

7. Promise sales
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 11.03.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 11.06.38 AM.png
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